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14th November, 2001



The Commission propose to make no further changes to their recommendations for parliamentary constituency boundaries in the county of Somerset.

1. Provisional recommendations for parliamentary constituencies in Somerset were published on 6 July 2000. Objections to these proposals led to a public inquiry, which was held in Taunton on 17 January 2001. The Assistant Commissioner who conducted the inquiry recommended alterations to the Commission''s proposals in respect of the names of the proposed Bridgwater and Taunton seats. The proposed Bridgwater County Constituency (CC) should be renamed Bridgwater and West Somerset CC, because the whole of the West Somerset District would be included within this seat. Moreover, the proposed Taunton CC should be renamed Taunton Deane CC, as this seat would be coterminous with Taunton Deane Borough.

2. Having considered his report and recommendations, and the evidence, the Commission decided to revise their provisional recommendations and accept the Assistant Commissioner''s recommendations for the renaming of these two seats. At the same time, the Commission made final their proposals for the other three seats in the county. The revised and final proposals were published on 20 June 2001. As with their provisional recommendations, the Commission were required to consider representations about their revised recommendations made within one month of local publication. However, the Commission were not obliged to hold a further inquiry into representations about their revised recommendations.

3. Having considered the representations made in respect of their revised recommendations, the Commission have decided not to make any further changes to their proposals.

4. The Commission received four representations following publication of their revised recommendations. Three of the representations reiterated previous objections to the inclusion of those West Somerset wards, that are currently in the Taunton seat, in the proposed Bridgwater and West Somerset seat. The Commission considered that full and due consideration had been given to these issues at the inquiry and had accordingly agreed with the Assistant Commissioner''s proposals for these wards. There is no new evidence in these further representations. The Commission therefore propose no alteration to their proposals in respect to these wards.

5. A fourth representation submitted a counter-proposal that paired Somerset with Wiltshire and allocated a combined total of ten seats. The Commission were aware that, in the representations submitted in respect of their provisional recommendations, and in the submissions made at the public inquiry, local opinion did not contain any proposals for the county boundary between Somerset and Wiltshire to be crossed. They considered that the counter-proposal would disrupt local ties and they decided not to accept it.

6. No representations were received either supporting or objecting to the Commission''s revised recommendations for the renaming of the Bridgwater and Taunton seats. Therefore, the Commission confirm their recommendations for these two seats as their final recommendations. They also confirm their recommendations for the remaining three seats in the county as their final recommendations. No further representations will be considered.

Final Recommendations

7. The Commission''s final recommendations for Somerset, which will be embodied in their report to be submitted to the Secretary of State at the end of the general review and which are shown on the attached map, are for the following constituencies (2000 electorates in brackets): -

BRIDGWATER AND WEST SOMERSET COUNTY CONSTITUENCY (77,780). Fifteen wards of the District of Sedgemoor:- Bridgwater Bower, Bridgwater Eastover, Bridgwater Hamp, Bridgwater Quantock, Bridgwater Sydenham, Bridgwater Victoria, Cannington and Quantocks, East Poldens, Huntspill and Pawlett, King''s Isle, North Petherton, Puriton, Sandford, West Poldens, Woolavington; and the District of West Somerset.

SOMERTON AND FROME COUNTY CONSTITUENCY (74,223). Fourteen wards of the District of Mendip:- Beacon, Beckington and Rode, Coleford, Creech, Frome Berkley Down, Frome Fromefield, Frome Keyford, Frome Park, Frome Welshmill, Mells, Nordinton, Postlebury, Stratton, Vale; and fifteen wards of the District of South Somerset:- Blackmoor Vale, Bruton, Burrow Hill, Camelot, Cary, Curry Rivel, Islemoor, Langport and Huish, Martock, Milborne Port, Northstone, Tower, Turn Hill, Wessex, Wincanton.

TAUNTON DEANE COUNTY CONSTITUENCY (77,535). The Borough of Taunton Deane.

WELLS COUNTY CONSTITUENCY (74,064). Twenty-one wards of the District of Mendip:- Ashwick and Ston Easton, Avalon, Chilcompton, Glastonbury St. Benedict''s, Glastonbury St. Edmund''s, Glastonbury St. John''s, Glastonbury St. Mary''s, Knowle, Moor, Nedge, Pylcombe, Rodney and Priddy, St. Cuthbert (Out) North and West, Shepton East, Shepton West, Street North, Street South, Street West, Wells Central, Wells St. Cuthbert''s, Wells St. Thomas''; and ten wards of the District of Sedgemoor:- Axbridge, Axe Vale, Berrow, Brent North, Burnham North, Burnham South, Cheddar and Shipham, Highbridge, Knoll, Wedmore and Mark.

YEOVIL COUNTY CONSTITUENCY (77,049). Twenty-four wards of the District of South Somerset:- Blackdown, Brympton, Chard Avishayes, Chard Combe, Chard Crimchard, Chard Holyrood, Chard Jocelyn, Coker, Crewkerne, Eggwood, Hamdon, Ilminster, Ivelchester, Neroche, Parrett, St. Michael''s, South Petherton, Tatworth and Forton, Windwhistle, Yeovil Central, Yeovil East, Yeovil South, Yeovil West, Yeovil Without.


8. No further representations can be considered. When the Commission have completed their review of the whole of England they will submit a report to the Secretary of State.

Implementation of the recommendations

9. The Commission are required to submit their report on the general review for the whole of England to the Secretary of State after 11 April 2003 and before 12 April 2007. The Secretary of State has a statutory duty to lay the Commission''s report before Parliament together with a draft Order in Council giving effect to the Commission''s recommendations with or without modifications. If modifications are proposed, the Secretary of State must also lay a statement of reasons for the modifications. The draft Order in Council is submitted to both Houses of Parliament for approval and, after it is made by Her Majesty in Council, it cannot be called into question in any legal proceedings. The new constituencies take effect at the next following general election.

Outline Map

10. The recommended constituencies are illustrated in outline on the map which forms part of this document (please note the copyright warning concerning the map). The wards on the map are numbered, and the districts are lettered. These numbers and letters, together with the names of the wards and districts, are listed at the end of this document. The list also contains the 2000 district and ward electorate figures on which the Commission are required by law to work.

Crown Copyright

11. The outline map, which forms part of this document, is based on Ordnance Survey data and is subject to ©crown copyright. Unauthorised reproduction will infringe crown copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings. Any person wishing to reproduce the outline map should first contact the Copyright Office at Ordnance Survey, Romsey Road, Southampton SO16 4GU (telephone 023 8079 2929).


12. For further information please contact:-

The Parliamentary Boundary Commission for England PO Box 31060 London SW1V 2FF

or telephone: -

Somerset enquiries 020 7533 5147 or 020 7533 5141 General enquiries 020 7533 5177 Fax 020 7533 5176

Email address for Somerset enquiries: Email address for general enquires:

The internet version of this news release and the outline map (please note the Crown Copyright warning above) are now available on: -


SOMERSET 2000 WARD ELECTORATES BY DISTRICT TO BE USED THROUGHOUT THE REVIEW A. Mendip District 75,832 B. Sedgemoor District 81,707 1. Ashwick and Ston Easton 1,797 1. Axebridge 1,480 2. Avalon 1,889 2. Axe Vale 1,673 3. Beacon 1,938 3. Berrow 1,803 4. Beckington and Rode 1,820 4. Brent North 1,608 5. Chilcompton 1,512 5. Bridgwater Bower 4,650 6. Coleford 1,691 6. Bridgwater Eastover 3,013 7. Creech 1,773 7. Bridgwater Hamp 4,984 8. Frome Berkley Down 3,654 8. Bridgwater Quantock 4,914 9. Frome Fromefield 3,021 9. Bridgwater Sydenham 4,783 10.Frome Keyford 3,500 10. Bridgwater Victoria 3,540 11.Frome Park 3,619 11. Burnham North 5,175 12.Frome Welshmill 3,597 12. Burnham South 4,756 13.Glastonbury St. 13. Cannington and Benedict''s 1,717 Quantocks 5,515 14. Glastonbury St. Edmund''s 1,657 14. Cheddar and Shipham 4,950 15. Glastonbury St. John''s 1,490 15. East Poldens 1,581 16. Glastonbury St. Mary''s 1,259 16. Highbridge 4,660 17. Knowle 1,681 17. Huntspill and Pawlett 2,909 18. Mells 1,802 18. King''s Isle 3,331 19. Moor 2,019 19. Knoll 1,595 20. Nedge 1,549 20. North Petherton 4,393 21. Nordington 1,574 21. Puriton 1,607 22. Postlebury 1,695 22. Sandford 1,666 23. Pylcombe 1,721 23. Wedmore and Mark 3,558 24. Rodney and Priddy 1,460 24. West Poldens 1,982 25. St. Cuthbert (Out) 25. Woolavington 1,581 North and West 1,621 26. Shepton East 2,606 27. Shepton West 3,370 28. Stratton 1,767 29. Street North 3,101 30. Street South 2,867 31. Street West 1,693 32. Vale 1,575 33. Wells Central 1,389 34. Wells St. Cuthbert''s 3,278 35. Wells St. Thomas'' 3,130 C. South Somerset District 118,246 D. Taunton Deane Borough 77,535 1. Blackdown 1,861 1. Bishop''s Hull 2,954 2. Blackmoor Vale 4,148 2. Bishop''s Lydeard 2,431 3. Bruton 1,919 3. Blackdown 1,693 4. Brympton 3,589 4. Bradford-on-Tone 1,737 5. Burrow Hill 1,743 5. Comeytrowe 4,320 6. Camelot 2,046 6. Milverton and North Deane 2,470 7. Cary 4,135 7. Monument 1,668 8. Chard Avishayes 1,849 8. Neroche 1,706 9. Chard Combe 1,824 9. North Curry 1,389 10. Chard Crimchard 1,910 10. Norton Fitzwarren 1,537 11. Chard Holyrood 1,899 11. Ruishton and Creech 3,248 12. Chard Jocelyn 1,889 12. Staplegrove 3,030 13. Coker 4,383 13. Stoke St. Gregory 1,140 14. Crewkerne 6,103 14. Taunton Blackbrook and Holway 4,820 15. Curry Rivel 2,066 15. Taunton Eastgate 3,068 16. Eggwood 1,999 16. Taunton Fairweather 4,375 17. Hamdon 2,026 17. Taunton Halcon 4,417 18. Ilminster 3,825 18. Taunton Killams and Mountfield 2,514 19. Islemoor 2,254 19. Taunton Lyngford 4,089 20. Ivelchester 2,177 20. Taunton Manor and Wilton 4,308 21. Langport and Huish 2,135 21. Taunton Pyrland and Rowbarton 4,462 22. Martock 4,344 22. Trull 1,448 23. Milborne Port 2,104 23. Wellington East 2,679 24. Neroche 1,920 24. Wellington North 3,054 25. Northstone 2,322 25. Wellington Rockwell Green and West 3,899 26. Parrett 1,908 26. West Monkton 2,246 27. St. Michael''s 1,828 27. Wiveliscombe and West Deane 2,833 28. South Petherton 3,959 29. Tatworth and Forton 2,084 E. West Somerset District 27,331 30. Tower 1,940 31. Turn Hill 2,088 1. Alcombe East 1,627 32. Wessex 4,272 2. Alcombe West 1,888 33. Wincanton 3,681 3. Aville Vale 932 34. Windwhistle 1,793 4. Brompton Ralph and Haddon 716 35. Yeovil Central 5,423 5. Carhampton and Withycombe 1,009 36. Yeovil East 5,328 6. Crowcombe and Stogumber 897 37. Yeovil South 6,177 7. Dulverton and Brushford 1,638 38. Yeovil West 5,580 8. Dunster 689 39. Yeovil Without 5,715 9. Exmoor 652 10. Minehead North 2,505 11. Minehead South 3,106 12. Old Cleeve 1,812 13. Porlock and District 1,747 14. Quantock Vale 1,613 15. Quarme 818 16. Watchet 2,748 17. West Quantock 1,002 18. Williton 1,932 ] Issued by the Boundary Commission for England PO Box 31060 London SW1V 2FF Telephone 020 7533 5147 or 020 7533 5141 Fax 020 7533 5176

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